Back in business

I have been away from this blog for far too long. My apologies to those who have been wondering what is going on.

Things have certainly been busy. Among many other tasks, I have been involved in organizing and holding a series of events to raise awareness about the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) here in Japan – where awareness is particularly low. I intend to write about these events in my next post. I have also been doing some work on the Japanese version of the Stealth Conflicts blog.

But excuses aside, I seem to have fallen out of the habit of writing this blog. It is something I hope to rectify. There remain so many issues associated with conflict that require far more attention than they are getting – the massacre in Guinea, increasing violence in Somalia, and ongoing problems stemming from Operation Kimia II in the DRC among them.

It would be unrealistic to expect that the scale of a problem be the most important factor in determining the amount of attention that it gets. But in terms of the way conflict in the world is seen today, the scale (particularly the death toll) seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with the levels of attention. Doing something about this sad and sorry state of affairs remains a key objective of this blog.

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.


4 Responses to “Back in business”

  1. Welcome back, Virgil. Hope you can pop a few words up once in awhile.

  2. Thanks for still being there Ken. I’ll be putting some material up in the very near future!

  3. Glad to see you back Virgil.
    (I think I have posted my comments in a reverse order to your posts, oops)

  4. Thanks for that David. The sentiments are fine in any order!

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