Lindsay Lohan in prison

As we all well know, US celebrity Lindsay Lohan is behind bars, locked up for a violation of the terms of her release in a charge in connection with driving under the influence of alcohol. It is important for us as members of the public endowed with a ‘right to know’ to keep abreast of the critical developments of this important story, and to engage in dialogue with our fellow citizens about the finer points of the story and its implications for the international community as a whole.

I am well aware that both the mainstream and tabloid media, along with the blogosphere and other informal arenas of information exchange are already well on top of the situation – all are overflowing with valuable information and analysis from a variety of viewpoints. Unable, however, to contain my own volatile emotional mix of human concern, curious fascination, voyeuristic urges and slight satisfaction at the downfall of an individual enjoying excess fame and fortune, I have decided to join the masses and devote this blog post to the plight of Lindsay Lohan.

And let’s face it, with such an eventless past week or so, journalistically speaking, where would we be without Lindsay Lohan? Nothing much else worthy of reporting has been happening in the world.

Oh yes, there was the 15th Summit of the African Union (AU) in Kampala Uganda, coming just two weeks after the terrorist bombings that claimed 76 lives in the same city and that marked the first foreign attack by Al Shabaab (based in Somalia). And yes, numerous heads of state, including the leaders South Africa (Zuma), Nigeria (Jonathan), Senegal (Wade), Kenya (Kibaki), Ethiopia (Meles) and Libya (Gaddafi), were in attendance at the three-day Summit. 

OK, so they did do a bit of talking about measures to bring the conflict in Somalia under control, and may have made some decisions about boosting the size of the AU force in that country. Anti-terror measures were also high on the agenda. And there was a lot of talk about how to deal with the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Sudanese President Al Bashir (who did not attend the Summit) on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and recently, genocide. The AU is against the indictment and warrant for his arrest, thinking that these will have a negative impact on the achievement of peace in Darfur.

On other political issues, there was concern about delays in holding elections in places like Cote D’Ivoire and the Central African Republic, political instability in Madagascar, and the problems with the Ethiopian-Eritrean peace process.

The many leaders of Africa did also talk about the challenges and achievements associated with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and the poverty that is affecting millions of people on the continent. The theme of the Summit was, after all, maternal and infant health.

But in the scheme of things, this is all really inconsequential. The important questions facing the world that need to be asked include: just how preferential is Lindsay Lohan’s treatment in prison? Has she really been making demands for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? Is she crying herself to sleep each night and keeping the other prisoners awake? How soon will she be released? As the publication L.A. Now points out, “There’s been much speculation about how Lindsay Lohan is being treated behind bars”.

And this is how the mass media have arranged their priorities. This trend is by no means limited to the media in Los Angeles or even the USA, or to the tabloid media, either. The UK’s Times and Japan’s Yomiuri are among the many major (supposedly non-tabloid) newspapers based outside the USA that have devoted more coverage to Lindsay Lohan’s plight than to the AU Summit.

Having said all this, we really shouldn’t get too carried away with the Lindsay Lohan situation and let it overshadow other important issues happening in the world. The wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky has just taken place, and with the nuptials so shrouded in secrecy, we need to be even more diligent in acquiring information regarding this event. This wedding is indeed also quite deserving of the critical scrutiny of citizens aware of their civic duties. Thankfully, the media is doing its job here – as People magazine reports “The months of speculation on whom Chelsea Clinton would choose to design her wedding dress are finally over — and it’s Vera Wang!”

Praise is certainly due to the mass media, for fulfilling their responsibilities in addressing our right to know, and for their ever-vigilant stance on the important issues affecting the lives of humankind and the world as a whole.

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8 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan in prison”

  1. i thought lindsay was released last friday and send to the rehab.

  2. Thanks for the contribution. I believe she’s still in prison. I think she is expected to serve 13 days starting 20 July. Let us not worry too much, she’s almost out!

  3. What is criminal is the fact that I can’t share this insightful perspective with many who would enjoy and would benefit from reading this, as easily as I can click on a Facebook link or “Share” option on important stories such as the Lohan Chronicles – any chance of installing a “Share” option so I can circulate this post please? Other wise I guess the link to this blog can be copied and pasted into a post?
    A great read – thank you for your updates, Virgil!

  4. Thanks for the suggestion/request, Marlee. Being on the free version of this blog, and having little knowledge about html code etc etc, this blog does have its limitations. But I see how having a simple share option can be useful. I seem to have found a way to do it so it should be added on. I’ll try to do this for each post from now on.

  5. Thank you Virgil, that add-on worked perfectly – I am jealous of your IT skills! 🙂

  6. Great! Your message forced me to learn how to do the add-on, and I’m sure it will come in handy, so thank you!

  7. Maybe a tangent point but gets me thinking bout how the world (not 3rd world) needs a good dose of appreciation. So many people live life’s that others could barely dream of living yet we find ways to complain that their hair dresser didn’t do a good enough job, or someone parked in their space, or work didn’t supply lunch today.
    True, we as humans want to strive for more, and this is a good thing about us, but complaining rather than appreciating what we have really gets me.
    This Lindsay woman (I don’t know the specifics) seems to have thrown away a good thing. A good thing that she didn’t need to worry about anything valid in her life.

    Oh well, such is life!

  8. Interesting thoughts, David.

    I think the funny thing about getting material wealth (not just the obviously excessive) is that there doesn’t really seem to be a point at which you think you have enough.

    I think you are right that we all need to be more appreciative of what we have, whatever that may be!

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